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Old 2009-10-22, 04:42
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Dope Refills For Hip Hop Producers or other genres!!!

If you lookin at this it means you are interested in gettin some fiya refills for producing beats that sound current. I been searchin for quality refills for awhile especially the hot keyboard sounds Motif XS, Korg M3, and other hardware synths. I have bought Motif sounds from dudes on ebay and websites who claim to have the quality sound and I wind up not using them cause when I get em they str8 wack. Well a brotha got blessed to find a cat that is the truth fam. The cat goes by the name of TrueNotes or TruNotes I can't remember how he spells it. He has demos for all if not most of his sounds that you can download and try. That was what sold me on it was the fact that I could try some of the sounds before I copped em. This cat is on ebay

He got sounds in 24bit and 16bit and they are all sampled dry, no effects or added preservatives, lol. I copped the 24bit Motif XS, Jupiter 6, and MoogVoyager, and a few others.

I ain't sayin that you gotta have these sounds to make hits, but if you want Motif XS or Korg M3 sound without spending the $$$$$$ this is the spot. Combine current sounds with the spacey and otherworldly sounds of Thor and the other Synths in R4 and that is next level right there fam!

Another spot that I highly recommend is from a crew in Japan that sampled the Fantom X Keyboard and the Korg Triton Keyboard. These are a lil more pricey, but definately worth it when you know how much the actual board would cost. These samples were meticulously sampled note for note and the monosynths even got the actual synth action of bending to the next note you play while you holding down a key. I actually had a cat come by the house and brought his Fantom X board to my house and we went head to head, sound for sound, and it sounded exactly like the board so much so that this cat was sick and not in a good way, lol. The only thing about these sounds is that I don't think they have any demos. The feedback was so good and I had saw a good review for the Fantom X facsimile:

The name of the company is called NeoSounds and here is the ebay store:

Any other spot that claims to be better than these catz regarding these keyboard sounds are either lying or stole from these guys. I'm just trippin fam, I just really am impressed with these sounds.

be blessed peeps,

This just my 2cents check it out 4 ya self.

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