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Refill, Loops, and Plugins

I am about to buy Reason. Being unfamiliar with it at this point, I would like a little advice regarding refills / loops to go with it.
1. It would appear, from doing a lot of looking online, that refills in general are just sounds and patches – not phrase players or loops – unless specifically stated, is that correct? I’m not an accomplished keyboard player, so I will be looking for music phrases to use – not just sounds to play myself. For example it would appear that the Reason Strings Refill has loops to use, but the Reason Electric Bass refill (and the other reason refills) just have sounds that you must play from your keyboard – am I understanding this correctly? So if I am looking at 3rd party refills – they will only “play music for me” if it states that loops are included, right?

2. Is there a significant difference in buying rex loops and other loops? How much extra work would it be to make sony loops usable, for example – or loops that are provided as .wav files?

3. How compatible are products from Uebershall – The Elastik series (which comes with its own “Elastik player”, or the Liquid series.

4. Melodyne Sound Library seems like it would do what I want (same content as Ueberschall’s Liquid instruments). How easily is Melodyne used with Reason? Can Melodyne Plugin be used within Reason like any other plugin?

5. How about virtual guitarist, virtual bassist, broomstick Bass, real Guitars . . . (All VST Instruments) Can an I use them in Reason?

6. Any other info or advice on the subject?

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