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Old 2009-10-28, 13:06
bejstam68 bejstam68 is offline
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MIDI controller message ==> Control voltage

Being a newbie to Record, I am unable to find a possibility to extract an arbitrary MIDI controller message (e.g. expression pedal) from a specific MIDI input source and specific MIDI channel, to be able to route this to ANY control voltage input in the Record environment.

This would be very useful, since most MIDI keyboards seems to lack expression pedal inputs, and if I have only one MIDI keyboard with this feature, I would like to be able to use this MIDI controller message freely, not necessarily with the same virtual HW being used for e.g. note on / note off.

The Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller is another example for this to be useful; I am not all sure what MIDI addressing possibilities that are provided in the FCB1010, but complete MIDI freedom in Record would be appreciated.

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