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64bit and more?

I love Propellehead. I've been a dedicated user since rebirth came to my knowledge and Rebirth was insane btw. I love Reason as well, excellent format!, and just got enough mustard to get Record. I hope that one of your captains can hear my plea. Please hook us up with a way to use ReWire with 64bit software without having to shell out another $200+. I'm not loaded with money and this economy crisis crap makes it 1,000% more difficult to earn a living. I understand thats not your problem, but man I'm finally getting better at this recording crap and I really wanna knock peoples blocks off in the near future. In other words performance is everything, please help us get the most bang for our Bucks$$$

(and I'm sure your aware new tech is pushing for ever increasing Bits in the very near future) Much Love

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