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Old 2009-11-06, 17:17
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We need a (Reason/Record) gear for Noisereduction, don't we! :)

Dear Propellerhead Freaks & Propellerhead Team!

I have a feaeture suggestion which may be useful & welcomed for/by ALL! I will try to explain as short as possible. Promised! *tee hee*

Now, ....i own Record Reason Duo & i'm still happy about the ALL-IN-ONE solution because i wanted a complete studio inside my computer. So all these samplers, synths, effects gears in a rack-based system PLUS a nice easy-to-handle sequencer with clear readablitiy & exellent overview AND the remote-technology (for easy configuaration of your midi-controllers & automation recordings) which does enhance my workflow comes right in my face.

PERFECT not just to me! And i'm still looking forward for this ALL-IN-ONE approach.

With AudioIn (thanks to Record) i'm able to record vocals, guitars (jam sessons with other musicans) or any kind of noices you could imagine to have this combination with organic & electric sounds. However, ...for now i may have a workarround how to reduce theses noices which may occur while recording something in an audio-channel. It doesn't matter if recording with mircophone (fan) or the usual noice by guitars etc.... Of course i can export all these audio tracks & then import them in for example Fl-Studio 9 or a Wave-Editor such Soundforge in order to have corrected this by a denoiser or any other kind of restoration plugins/inbuild functions.

Well, but it does hurt a little bit my workflow & i admit to be a lazy gurl who would therefore prefer to have these restoration abiltities inside Record. Record should get a gear for the rack, which could handle different kinds of noice-problems. I'm sure me isn't first who came up with that. There must be others outside of my room who desire the same addone aswell.

Am i right ? Of course, i'm always right! =) *joking*

So therefore, ...


Pls would you make us an effect-gear which could restorate samples (crackels, computer noices, background-noice when doing mic-recordings, guitar noice etc...)? You know i try to avoid to buy hardware gear as much as possible. If the above-mentioned gear can not work in realltime & then i would be happy too with the "let it progesse through the audio-channel before countinuing the fun"-workarround. I hope i could explain it right what i realy need in the next version.


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