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Old 2009-11-07, 21:20
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Pitch Bend/Mod Wheel Write to Automation Lane

I've noticed this before when using reason/record, but never really thought to much about it.

How do you record your automation data on the proper automation lane by using your midi controller?

As of right now, when I right click the pitch bend or mod wheel on a device, I get the "green highlighted" automation enabled device parameter.

The problem is when I hit record and start moving a control parameter on my midi controller or even with the mouse. The automation data gets written to the midi note lane of that device, instead of the new automation lane that was created by right clicking the parameter and choosing edit automation.

Is there a way to just write the new automation to the proper lane without having to draw it in every time, or copy/paste?

I don't mind drawing the occasional envelope, but sometimes, well most of the time, I would like the automation to sound more human and less mechanical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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