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Dongle interrupts audio stream

I am experiencing a 63mS interrupt that manifests as a short beep in the audio.
I have experimented over an eight hour period by disabling various things, but
there is a possibility it is the Codemeter dongle.

The DPC Latency checker shows the interrupt as a 63000 micro second delay, accompanied
by a short beep. The frequency of occurrence is anything from once a minute to once
every couple of hours. It also happens when using Cubase (Codemeter dongle still attached, but no Propellerhead software running).
Removing the Codemeter dongle seems to fix this problem, but there is a
clear limitation to this fix!

Anyone else experiencing this? I notice there is an update to the Codemeter driver
for Macintosh only.

Q6600 on Asus P5QL Pro, 4G ram
Asus 7200EN Video
250G seagate SATA (files)
250G seagate SATA (apps)
Low noise case(Antec Solo), power supply(Zalman)
and CPU cooler(Zalman)
Acer x233h LCD
LG1510s LCD
RME Multiface, RME ADI2, MOTU2408mk3,
Behringer BCF2000,BCR2000,
XP Pro SP3,Cubase SX2, SX3,4, Soundforge6,
Reason4,Recycle,Record, Waves Plugins, Drumcore 2.5 and 3.0,Korg legacy digital and analogue.

E7500, Asus P5QLPro, 4G ram, Asus 8400vid, Acerx233h, M-audio delta66

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