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Old 2010-03-07, 23:32
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Dear Propellerheads part II(Props Developers please read if you really care)

MIDI out!!!

Oh and, the way you zoom clips in Record/Reason, is such a pain in the a$$. You guys should really update that... Pitch shift. Then, movable audio transients. Maybe reverse audio.(or maybe not for now, fine with me)LOL

If those first 3 mentioned above will be made, you guys will be number 1 and will instantly destroy competition... FOR REAL!!! So please, make that happen.

This year... Or just announce it this year(so we would know what's ahead of us and to shut us up), and release it on February the most...LOL

Cmon, you don't really need to follow that every two years rule...LOL That doesn't sell these days anymore...LOL

Oh yeah, where's Reason 5??? It's due already.
(NO, people, that's not Record... They said that themselves.)

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