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Feature requests

My feature request list:

- Grouping of the faders on the mixer.
At this point, when I want a group of instruments like drums to be a bit louder, I need to raise the fader on each drum channel on the mixer. Please make group faders.

- Make the <File/Close> in the menu not exit the program, but instead start with either an empty or default rack.

- Make a screen configuration. A workspace setting which a user can choose from, and switch to while producing, and save user settings as well.
Why is the screen config saved in each song? Make it separate please, and let us choose in a menu in what workspace (screen-)configuration I want to work with. The screen config should be part of the program, not part of the song.
For example: I Have a 2 screen setup, but each time I need to detach the mixer and drag it to the 2nd screen and then make the splits so it fit according to my likings.
The easy answer would be, open your file, create your settings and save. But I already have a lot of reason productions.

- I very big miss, as everybody already has mentioned, is the unability to edit wave files. I know the prop team is not keen on intergrate such options in record, but it is the absolute yes or no question while buying this product. (Apart from VST integration, which is the other yes/no question).
I have two suggestions:
Suggestion 1 - When you click on a wave-clip, make it possible to open that clip in a third party wave editor. (Like Wavelabs, or Adobe audition which I use). If that 3rd party integration would be possible, it would make up for the missing editor. After all, it just a wave clip which easally could be parsed to the 3rd party.
Suggestion 2 - Develope a 3rd package, for example called ReWave, and sell that as a 3rd product to intergrate with record/reason. Maybe there are marketing options with the Wavelab guys or something.

I really think you should consider the above options. Your team has gone to great lenghts to get excellent sound like the SSL mixer. Superb!! But why does it stop there? I cannot make a final masteredit without going to a 3rd party.

The really big thing I definately miss is a pitch correction of wave files. A lot of time (more often than you think!) the vocalists are a little of tune, even in parts of a word or a sentence. Adobe audition has a simple but very effective tool for this. (Pitch correction-which works graphically).

The last thing:
Is it possible to "import" a reason file into record?
Huh?? Stupid question? Not really ... read on
Now I am the proud owner of record, I already used reason. Therefore I have a lot of reason projects.
When I open a reason project in record, it opens exactly like the 'old' reason.
In reason, the backbone of it all is the mixer.
But this mixer, compared to the record ssl-mixer is very low-budget so to speak. There is really a huge difference in sound.
So, ... is there a way to "import" a reason file into record, and the automatically repatch the old reason-mixer to mix channels of the new ssl-mixer? (Instead of the reason mixer which is patched to 1 mixer channel in record. This saves from a lot of manual repatching and creating of mix-channels to make full use of the superb ssl mixer.
Of course this should be a option, not a standard. I do not always want to re-master an old reason project.

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