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Old 2009-11-26, 10:59
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The dreaded "Out of Memory" issue in Reason 4

Ok I have done some searching and didnt really find any real answers to this question.

First of all here is my current setup.

Windows 7 64-bit (Previously had Vista 32-bit and had same issue)
Intel 2.13 Core2 Duo processor
over 1TB of free hard drive space
11GB of Page filing memory

When working on a song and running many HQ combinators such as the Reason Pianos, Reason Basses, Reason Strings, Reason Drums 2.0, Miroslav Choir, Miroslav Strings and a few random NN-XT and other devices many of which have individual track effects such as compression, stereo imagery, maximizers, EQ's, Advanced Reverb... If say I goto load another device say a combinator like the Rickenbacher bass guitar from the Reason Basses refill. In the middle of loading the refill it stops and pops up the "Out of Memory" error message.

When I get this error I will bring up my task manager and check all of my CPU and Memory Usage stats, they arent even close to half of being used. So the fact that Reason is saying "Out of Memory" baffles me cause there is plenty of RAM and CPU speed available for it to use. I have set the CPU usage limiter in Reason to none and also even turned of the automation visualization, cable visuals, and so on. I have minimized all devices in the rack and have no other programs running but like I said the CPU and the RAM are far from actually being tapped out.

What I have found in other scenarios from other users is that they only have 1gb or ram or like a 1.5ghz processor so you would think oh simple you just need more ram and processor thats faster. Well I have both of those 2.13GHz Dual Processor and 6 GB of usable ram!

Does anyone have an answer to this? cause at this point I am honestly thinking it is a program error that reason its self cant handle it and that it isnt a limitation caused by the computer. I had this issue before when I was using Vista on the 32-Bit OS and only had 3.25GB of usable ram. I figured this all would have gone away when I upgraded to a 64-Bit OS and can use all 6GB of ram that I have now.


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