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Reason Record Questions

Hi & Thanks!

For several years, since version 5, I have been a Live user. Live 8 Suite has thoroughly disenchanted me and because I vocalized my opinions and dissatisfaction with the Able tech dept., they threw me under the bus with respect to any more ongoing tech support. I'm just saying all this up front so that no one thinks I am some mindless troll out to cause trouble.

I am very new to the realm of the DAW. I am not new to music. What I need is stability and an egoless approach to recording and constructing improvised music. That's what I do. What I recieved from Ableton was pretty much the exact opposite in the end.

Typically I use NI synths, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX and my own multiple external audio inputs via 2 e-mu 1616m docks. This is a PC, Windows XP SP3, high level quad core process and 4 Gigs of ram & 3 fast dedicated hard drives. I also use a standard duel monitor supported Gforce card strictly for the sake of two monitors.

My only real experience with Propellerheads Software has been the Recycle 2.1 program which I use in conjunction with Stylus RMX.

I am going to be straight with everyone right up front. Remember, in MANY ways I am very ignorant to the realm if digital.

I have always heard over at the Ableton forum that Reason's audio does not sound as good, blah, blah, blah, as other, shall we say, "designer DAWs". Is there any truth to this statement or is this just more BS from the biased and lopsided internet?

In Reason Record, can it record itself like Live's session to arrangement? I like that feature in Live MINUS the automation. The reason that I personally HATE automation is it's inability, at least in Live, to accurately log and retain hot swapped midi instruments. In other words, Live's automation is one track minded with respect to the midi INSTRUMENT device chain. I want an exact audio log of each midi instrument's output. I realize that one can just route each midi track back to it's own audio track to record, but that makes for a mainly bulbous CPU load on playback. It also makes for read/write catastrophes just waiting to happen.

I NEED a STABLE DAW. Period. I don't want a DAW that there is a new version "chapter" of every two weeks. Chapters that merely erase one bug to create another. That's ALL Live is good for these days. Period. I can't believe those bozos had the gall to release Max4Live when 8 is still a mess. As stated, that place is run by sheer ego, not an integrity based mentality that places the customer somewhere other than at the bottom of the beta testing food chain.

Right now I am weighing Reason Record against Samplitude, Cubase & Digital Performer. I know that I could just download a demo, but demos are not seasoned human beings. Demos are attractive and enticing packages that I won;t understand for MONTHS to come. What do users with ample Reason Record time under their belts have to say about RR as compared to Ableton Live?

Things to bare in mind for those gracious enough to put up with my sincere inquiries are:

1) I am a musician, not an engineer or scientist. I don't want to have to possess a degree in advanced 5th dimensional mathematics to use Reason Record. Is it's user design intuitive to a DAW novice like myself?

2) I record on the fly in the studio. What is the end result of my musical constructions is the product of chance, not long thought out classical number folly. Yes, I arrange what I record differently than the mere sum of my musical experiments, but this is NOT intro/verse/chorus/verse/solo stuff. KMFDM, Propellerheads, Crystal Method, DJ Koala, etc. These are some of my contemporary heroes. Odd for a guy that grew up worshiping Black Sabbath & AC/DC. LOL!!

3) Does Reason Record host VSTs the same way Live does? Does it LOVE Spectrasonics and Native Instruments Reaktor 5 & the rest of their wonderful synths.

4) And the most important: IS THIS PROGRAM STABLE? Beyond all hearsay. Beyond all fanboy & girl clique minded BS. Is this program constantly being modified to overcome it's premature inadequacies like Ableton Live currently inflicts it's users with?

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