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Old 2010-10-07, 17:02
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Should be able to contain PDF within Refill

It would be especially nice if refills could pack PDF or some other document file and then open as a window from Reason akin to the manner in which you open the Reason manual.
I know some guys are making refills with some really good PDFs but alot of the time when you get a PDF with a refill you're thinkinbg 'do I really want this in my refill folder? what do i do with it? Do i stick it in some other folder or do i delete it? how can i make sure it doesn't get lost from the refill it's supposed to go with? etc etc' it's a minor annoyance but it takes away from the completeness and collectability of a refill. If documentation could be contained within, it would be so much cooler.

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