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Cool Soul School For Free....sheeeesh

I don't gripe much or ask questions about the software because it works pretty flawlessly....I truly think it's one of the best programs out there. I have every version of Reason, Recycle, Rebirth and purchased Record as soon as it hit the streets. BUT this is something I have to just get off my chest. I pop on line to check the Props site and see if you're new and you buy the package you're going to get the Soul School Refill for free. Now maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of that genre... I love old school funk, RnB, soul and such....but what about all us loyalists who have faithfully followed you guys and purchased every update and new product you've come out with...why don't we ever get thrown a bone for being great customers. I know the idea is to bring new users on I said I'm a big fan of that genre because I've been around a little while, I know how it works...Guess I just needed to get that off my chest. You guys make super programs and I'll continue to use them. And the corporate machines will still do what they do.

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