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Collaboration and File sharing...

I was on the music forum commenting on my latest track (using record)....

I enjoy creating, I know a lot of theory about production and I spend 4 or 5 times longer on this stage than composing/recording.... but i don't really like mixing/production and when I get to certain point and can't quite get the mix right... I give up and move on....

so I have a lot of tracks that could probably sound a lot better than they do.... I know there are a lot of people on this site you like production/remixing etc who aren't musicians....

So my thought was, create a collaboration section of the forum to connect people for co-creation, remixing, production mixing....this could include people looking for someone to contribute a guitar part, vocal, flute etc.... or create a refill or anything else..

The other side of this was a way to share Record files (which will be large)....Ableton have set up a facility to do this which looks great (although I haven't tried it)....

I know the file sharing part could be a load of hassle and there are no doubt loads of ways to do this already... but the collaboration forum could be fun......I know we can just post on the existing forums but I thought a dedicated space would be more useable...
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