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Old 2009-12-10, 13:39
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ReFill Packer: Obligatory License status field

The ReFill Packer should have an obligatory dropdown (not free text) field, so ReFill authors/publishers would have to choose one of the fixed following Refill license-type status (I'm not a lawer, but here's an example):
  • PUBLIC DOMAIN = Free to include in other Refills/Libraries/SamplePacks. The Author/Publisher simply compiled it in Refill format for ease of use, as a service to the community.
  • FREE = Copyrighted but Free to get (download?) and use in music making, but not in other Refills/Libraries/SamplePacks without permission.
  • CREATIVE COMMONS = Free with some restrictions. Read the included License or Restrictions list in the comments. (This would include Refills free for non-commercial music making, but not free for commercial music production).
  • DEMO = Free to get (download?) but not to use demo of a Commercially sold Refill. Can't be used in any music making.
  • COMMERCIAL = Commercially sold Refill, user needs to read the (externally) included License.

(BTW, there should be a ReFill organizer tool, to quickly check the ReFill info'n'contens by drag'n'drop without having to run Record/Reason).

Currently, it's a nightmare trying to keep up with any other source of Refills but the site.
I have all "Free ReFills" in a "Free ReFills/from" folder, so I can be sure that those can be used legally.

Then, I have some "Free ReFills/<author/publisher>" whenever I find clearly Free ReFills on the Web but not on the site. Next to those, I usually keep a link to the original site, so I can refer to it at any time (also usefull to keep track of any updates or new refills from that resource).

Any other ReFills I come across either by friends lending me a refill so I can play/edit/help with their songs, I usually keep them in a "unknown Refills to check" kinda folder, because, either they can't remember the origin of the refill or they simply assume it's free because they "got'em from the Web" and not from a torrent site or something like that. (some assume that, if its on the web and it's not a torrent site, its free to download and use, with no need to read any other info about it).

As I mentioned before elsewhere, I'm currently trying to analyse a "Free ReFills DVD" a friend gave me. It's a mess ...and, whenever I have the time (and patience), I spend it trying to figure out what's really free, what's demos and what's unmistakably an illegal copy of commercially sold ReFills.

Some ReFills are a nightmare to trace the origin (mostly by checking the ReFills lists or through Google) and/or to understand their "License".

As an example, that DVD includes some "Akai discs" Refills of unknown origin/author/publisher simply mentioning ReLoad and "Akai disc" and that's it. Well, those I simply considered them as illegal "copies", because some have names that can be traced to commercially available Akai Libraries. (So these are easy to scrap and forget, since I don't own any original Akai discs).

Other examples:
  • "Horny Clubsounds.rfl"
    Website: 1 milion ways to die - chose one...
  • "Terminal Head.rfl"
    Info: Terminal Head
    (C) ???
    Website: www.your.url
    Terminal Head
  • "XXL - Most Wanted.rfl"
    Info: XXL - MOST WANTED!
    Website: 1 milion ways to die - chose one...
  • "Bass Lengends Vol1.rfl"
    Info: basslegends_vol1
    Website: space is the place!
  • ...and the list goes on

Ok, I'll end this already long post now.

(and, if anyone knows these Refills, please say something Thank you.)

EDIT1: Just found this on the web "Spectrasonics - Bass Legends John Patitucci Vol 1 | 623 MB" so, this "Bass Lengends Vol1.rfl" of 88.2 MB file size, must be a (very poorly produced) DEMO of some kind, since it mentions "Abraham Laboriel", "John Patitucci" and "marcus_miller" in the folders. Ok, less one unknown to worry about.
Suggestions: Tags; Scope; Itch; IK OnlineAuth; New?; +1; RTFM

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