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Old 2009-12-13, 03:38
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Reason 4 Unknown Exception: Possible Solution

Hi there.

Just in case anyone needs to compare their computer specifications, I will lay out my specs.

- AMD Phenom II-X4 Deneb 925
- 4 GB RAM
- Windows 7 x86 (32bit)

I use Reason 4.0 and up to this time I had no intentions (or no knowledge to be exact) of interacting with other fellow users, or upgrading my current software, until I set out on a journey to fix a rather serious problem that occurs within Reason 4.0. Although I have fixed the ominous "Unknown Exception" terror, I am afraid that upgrading to 4.0.1 will somehow screw it up again.

Anyway, these were my symptoms.

Every time I wanted to open up a song that I wrote, I got the "Unknown Exception" message (this just happened all of a sudden; after I wrote my song and after I saved my song). But the peculiar thing was that I could open up any demo song. I almost concluded that there was something uniquely wrong with my rns file.

I've tried reinstalling Reason but didn't go so far as reinstalling my OS.

This is what I did.

(For XP Users) Press Start, type R on your keyboard, or just click RUN in the start menu.

(For Vista/Win7 Users) Press Start, type in RUN and you'll see the RUN program searched on the top. Click-ity click it.

You will see a small window appear on the left-bottom corner.
Type in "msconfig" and hit ok. A window pops up. Go to the Services tab and click the "Disable all" button. This will probably stop some of the essential programs that is running but it's only temporary and will be set as default when you reboot. (If you're skeptical, print the screen of the programs that are running on your list)

Run Reason 4.0 and it should work

If it didn't... oh well you're quite screwed I assume.
This method worked for me though.

I'm guessing that one/some of the programs that were running crashed with Reason. I really have no clue how it happned. I guess you could find out by unchecking the running programs one by one but that's not my style so, good luck on finding out how it all works.

Good luck.

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