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Old 2009-12-14, 16:20
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Lightbulb New Thor OSC: Math formula driven Digital OSC

A real-time formula driven Digital Oscillator with (maybe up to) 4 real-time changeable variables aka modulation hooks (to influence the formula result in real-time).

Right now, we can make a "frozen" version of this suggestion with offline wave calculation/generation (or sampling) and loading it up in a NN-19, or in a NN-XT for a memory hungry version of the above request through "hyper-sampling" (where one tries to generates as much variation samples as possible to simulate the real-time wave modulation possibilities).

This suggestion would allow a CPU vs RAM trade-off.

BTW: Thor could be a 3 OSC "Straightliner" if it had a custom wave loading OSC type.
Existing examples that remind me a lot of what Thor could do with custom waves: Robin Schmidt's Straightliner, Jeremy Evers's Atlantis or some of the available OSCs in KarmaFX Synth Modular
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