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Two questions on FX...

Hey guys, just asking another question (which probably has an obvious answer) that i cant figure out, is there any way to create effect busses for channels on the reason mixer? i have several audio tracks that i wish to have the same audio effect on, ive tried to achieve a bus effect by making a send effect in say channel 1 but ive noticed when i click the squares numbered 1 the send effect works on those selected channels but i can also hear the original audio as well, so im hearing both the original audio + the effected audio. is there a way i can make it so i cant hear the original audio and just the effected signal?

ive had to go to the rack and on each channel create an effect for them to get my desired result but this is very tedious and i have to copy the same settings over and over & i dont want to mess around using a line mixer, id prefer to still use the main mixer.. so im wondering if its possible to add an effect to multiple channels & hear it without hearing the original unaffected audio signal?

Question 2:

has anyone got any tips on good techniques to make piano's sound better, im producing hip hop and i hear some really cool sampled keys and id like to be able to do something to my midi keys to make them sound as good as the stuff im sampling, i know il never get it spot on to sound as good as recording a real piano but ive heard of stuff like filtering them or something, if anyone has tried this and found a great result could you please throw some tips my way?? also if you have tips on any other instruments, little things you can do to make them sound better and more realistic then the patches that come with the software. cheers.

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