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Old 2009-12-18, 12:59
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Post Suggestion List with a +1 button and optional comments

I know this will sound a bit naive, but here it goes:

I would like to suggest the creation of a properly maintained Suggestions List with a Thumbs Up/Down alongside each suggestion and optional comments below. These comments would be the seed for new suggestions or to better complement the initial suggestion being commented on (So it would need a Suggestions Editor).

I would hope that something like this already exists internally at PropellerheadSW HQ (but instead of the Thumbs Up/Down I'm guessing there's a priority level qualifier of some sort).

It's a bit tiresome to see the same suggestion being made each time new forum users come and decide (in their own right) to use this forum (without doing a prior search for that theme with a couple of keywords that would help the existing old threads come up and grow with supporters).

My feeling is that, the version that stays in the collective mind of the users is the newest one... which, usually (but not always) isn't the most complete, sane, well thought out or better explained.

Usually I see older versions of recent suggestions being smarter, more generic and within the scope of what Reason and now Record target areas of music production, are.

I know there's no chance that this may be implemented, because it's too specific for something that's traditionally very vague and cloudy here at (i.e. New Features) but I just had to suggest it, being just about the only thing one can do about it i.e. post suggestions here.
Suggestions: Tags; Scope; Itch; IK OnlineAuth; New?; +1; RTFM

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