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More dials and buttons on combinators

When I make huge patches inside a combinator I run out of programmer sections.
So more buttons and dials , at least 6 of each would fit the current graphics.
And the ability to map 1 dial/button to many things inside - I believe the max right now is 10 total in the programming pane. So that is 4 buttons and 4 dials and then 2 free spots to map 1 dial/button to 3 things or 2 dials to 2 things each and the rest only 1.

E.g. when I put double bass, cello, viola and violin ensembles inside a combinator in 4 different accents (16 NNXT devs!) Id want to map 1 button to enable 4 NNXTs AND disable 12. And anotehr button to do the same for other articulations, etc... Thats 32 mappings just for 2 buttons, etc... actually a tristate/quadro state button would be better Then tehre is the dials for volume of the 4 sections times 4 articulations. and 2 buttons for whatever (in my case enable scream tape modulation and reverb).

IF we were allowed to add combinators inside combinators that would enable me to do what I want - if that is easier to program for you that would work , too.

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