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Old 2009-12-25, 10:48
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The Official Audio sampling device for Reason and Record thread

I know I said this before but I'm going to bring it up until its done.

How many of us are tired of actually sampling from Daws instead of a dedicated device in Reason or Record yes we have Recycle and its good but I'm sick of using three programs to do one job now you can just use Record and Reason becomes a giant Vst yes we can now record audio but we need a dedicated device in Record or Reason to do audio manipulation. acutually two devices one that deals strictly with drum and instrument loops and one for the sound desingers to do multisamples right into Reason or Record. Ok boys and girls think of all the dopest samplers made for drum and instrument loop manipulation SP1200, MPC, ASR, Emulator X3 now combine all these features into one device in Reason or Record and you have it ok do the same for Multisampling and you have it for those who don't know the power of these samplers research, research and then come back and add your input on what should be added.

I thought of 12 bit sampling mode, auto chop, different sample rates,

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