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Old 2009-12-29, 20:33
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Record/Reason: Middle-click panning and 'Edit all duplicates'

I've tried searching for these, so pardon me if these have already been suggested, or possibly even already exist in the programs and I'm just too much of a noob to have figured it out.

My first suggestion is pretty simple; being able to use the middle mouse button to pan the rack, sequencer, or mixer views - which one to pan would depend on which region the MMB is initially clicked in. This is how views are panned in Maya (3D software) - it's not revolutionary, but it provides a kind of intuitive directness instead of disassociating the control of the views to separate view control areas.

My second suggestion, I feel like this is something that should really already exist but I can't seem to find it in the docs - the ability to edit a note/automation clip and have any matching clips also change. Two things to note: this shouldn't be the default clip edit behavior (maybe Ctrl+Double Click on the clip to activate this mode), and it should take the clip color into account - so if I want to alter a certain clip that has been copy+pasted all over the place, but don't want to affect certain ones, I could change the clip color of the ones I don't want affected.

I make almost sole use of the sequencer when dealing with all triggers - I sometimes use the Matrix for CV patterns, but I never use the ReDrum's patterns, as I get much more visual feedback creating a note clip where I can view all of the drum triggers at once without using the ReDrum's old school programming method.

This works great until I want to do some minor change to the beat I've made and it's already been copied dozens of times in my song - right now I find myself editing one, deleting all of the others, and re-pasting the fixed one in their places. That's where the ReDrum and Matrix patterns do really well, you just edit the pattern and you're done, but having pattern clips leaves much less of the visual feedback that I enjoy by using note clips for things. With an 'Edit All Duplicates' feature this would be solved.

If this already exists I accept the mark of shame and am greatly thankful for anyone who can point it out to me.

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