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Old 2011-01-15, 17:24
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What is the best approach towards achieving a multi-lead climax?

Just a couple of examples. It`s driving me slightly nuts. I`ve got a couple of ideas on how to achieve it, but it`s probably just a type of music production which takes up ALOT of time and ALOT of patience.


My first attempt at achieving such a climax, was obtaining an extremely large music/synth/bass oriented rexloop database. After this i`d place 1 "mainloop" on the pattern select sequencer and draw in the other potential loops.

The only problem with this is that loops mostly never are within the same type of groove, which i can then adjust by pitch control, but since the pitch control isn`t automated, the only alternative would be to automate the global transpose.

While this works, it`s alot of hassle and i wonder if there might be an easier, perhaps even "better" way to achieve those type of climaxes posted above.


My next idea, would be to use an NN-XT and simply load in, specific slices of rex loops which i think sound best and then search for other potential slices. Using the NN-XT mapping possibilities, this allows me to easily "pitch" a certain tone so that, while using different sounds, they should easily be set into the same groove.

Still need to think about how many note range i should give each sample, maybe something like 12 notes per samples.


I`m not sure there is another, even more useful and direct way. I guess, like i presumed before, this type of music, is 90% transpiration and 10% inspiration.

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