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Old 2010-01-05, 23:45
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Forum: Tags, Online User Manual and Tutorial Wiki

A bit of a long shot this as I am sure you all have more important things to work on.

I'd like to be able to add tags to forum posts. The problem is at the moment a forum search for "Free Refill" can't tell the difference between "Does anyone know where I can find any free Refills?" and "I am giving away a free Refill containing all the most amazing tarnce patches you will ever need to sound like Tiesto". There is a lot of useful content on the forums but unfortunately most of it ends up getting buried as newer posts are made.

Which brings me on to:

It would be useful if the Help Files for Reason / Record were available online in a format that is easy to link to. That way forum users would have an easier way to refer people to certain parts of the manual than "it's on p326 of the manual".

Or maybe a Propellerhead tutorial Wiki would be more useful? Again there are a lot of useful posts on the forum that get buried and a lot of info ends up getting reposted by forum regulars. A Wiki would allow users to add their own tutorials or instructions to one location instead of talking each person individually. Again a lot of good instructional material gets lost in the forums Eg. James Bernard's instructions on setting up Soundflower with Record. Having it as a Wiki would allow people to update tutorial instructions for more up to date versions (a few of the tutorial in the Discovering Reason series are a bit dated now as things can be achieved in a better or easier way).

Here is an example of an audio tutorial wiki:

I know a few people have suggested Stickies for the forums. Personally I don't think Stickies are going to help from what I've seen in the last few weeks (post Xmas) as there are too many (FA)Questions to cover. It would be good if Propellerhead extended the educational section of the website to include YouTube clips, step-by-step tutorials as well as books and magazine specials.

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