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Your Musical influences!

All of us in this forum have been influenced by music in a big way (I can tell). Who can you say, has been your biggest influence of all? I'm not talking about your father!, or your grandma!!, I'm talking about Artists, musicians, Bands, anyone that was able to get inside your head, inside your heart, and have made a little sissy boy/girl out of you (just kidding).

I have had many influences of course, that started out in my D.J. years, but as I grew older and more mature, so did my musical tastes. (Bob Marley, DM, Yes, Rush, Portishead, Mesh), to name a few.

My initial influence was 80's House/Freestyle music. I always wanted to recreate that sound, and groove that can make so many people move on the dance floor. As I outgrew the DJing phase....I remember "Strange Love" by "Depeche Mode" hearing on the radio for the first time, I was very in awe. Then, I heard "Enjoy the Silence" and that was it for me! "This is the kind of music I want to be able to make", I said to myself. It sounded a bit abstract, different, very dark, and melancholic to my ears! Up to this moment, even after listening to so many artists in different genres, "DM" is still king in the Electronic/Synthpop genre, well at least to my ears, they are.

So there it goes...a bit of my personal taste in music, the influence that has made me buy so much equipment, software, more similar music by other artists, and the influence that has brought me here to this forum, to write these lines. To some people, this would be considered, probably a guilty pleasure!, to talk about your main influence. I don't feel guilty though!

Main influence: "Depeche Mode"

Runner up: "Portishead"

What are yours?
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