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Talking How to make Reason ultimate

The next ultimate step for Reason, is to completely create it's own machine.

15" and 17" touch screen tablets that are also soundcards with pre-amps would be the next supreme jump.

There wouldn't be a keyboard visible to see unless it needs to be used, or toggled by a small icon on the interface of Reason. Still giving the flexibility of typing like on a computer, but not using space on the screen interface all of the time.

Everything can be commanded touchin icons in the actual Reason program, and dragging using the touch screen, thus eliminating the need for a mouse.

The built in soundcard would make it ready for connection with any studio or live session instantly.

A midi keyboard can be a part of the Reason interface, making Reason easier to use when your at the airport without a midi keyboard to jam on! The touch screen would make the keyboard playing very intuitive.

Use state of the art battery technology for when we aren't plugged in! Give it a solid 7 hrs of use time, the new macbook pros go for 7 hrs.

Throw in 1TB hard drive for holding all those high quality samples and refills!!!

A browser can be developed for those people who feel like they will die without internet browsing, like those people who curse themselves if their cellphone didn't have internet. "Charlie did you just sh**t one in your pants?" "Yah! Someone sent me a msg on facebook and I missed it!"

Design a carrying case just for the machine! I'd blow a solid $100 on it, I want to be mobile and impenetrable!

Reason would operate so much better on machinery that was built only for it's programming!!!!!!! The current Reason is built to run on a variety of about a million different machines with different setups! If the hardware exclusively worked for Reason, imagine the sound processing! Mwuahahhahaha!

Make sure the software can connect to earlier versions of Reason, and make sure it can generally connect to MAC/PC , make a CD with drivers and software.

Give it a USB port, that facilitates connection to other machines, as well as connecting the machine to a printer! So it can print it's information in sheet music!! I posted this earlier, which Im sure has been posted dozens of times.....

I haven't even really started talking about this idea......

Finish the rest...

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