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Old 2010-01-08, 00:54
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I say we need a dedicated controller for RECORDs SSL Mixer

Hi. I found this post over at Gearslutz. I totally agree with the poster!
I am interested in you opinions.

Read This!

"This is a closed program now bassed around the classic SSL that has been the studio standard since the 80s.

It is time for a new approach in midi controller mixers.

In my opinion just about every midi controller that came out had missed the mark in terms of offering any real world functionality to the studio.
Every single ******* one of them.

From the cheapest one to the most ridiculously expensive.

They give you a bank of faders that can control many more.

Listen to us. The reason that most people detest digital mixers is this.
They try to be too many things at once and fail to bring anything new to the table.

So now you are at channel 9. You are at bank 9-16. you no longer have a visual feedback of the tracks at channels 1-8 you have to look at the screen. Not good.

Then they give you 6 knobs at most.
Ok... What the hell am I supposed to do with this?


''You can assign parameters.''

What parameters? Tell me...

My sends?
My mono compressor settings?
Like one band of the Q10?

What happens when I want to use more?
''You use the mouse.''

So if I end up using the mouse to do all the work why the hell would I need this expensive POS for? Tell Me!

I am either going to mix in the box or on the console mixing both in the box and on the console will be confusing and unintuitive.

''You can put the sequencer in learn mode and then...''

So now I am going to have to waste time teaching a controller to control something when it will be 10 times faster to use a mouse?

''You can assign any plug-in...''

Look! A**clown! You are asking me to part with a huge chunk of cash for something that not only won't help me mix but most likely slow me down as well...

You want my money without giving me clear evidence and real word examples of how this will help me.

You are pissing on my intelligence! How Dare you insult me like that!
What the hell do you thing I am?

''Give them a thing the can plug into the wall with faders that move up and down ALL by themselves!'' ''Yeah! That will impress them!''

''Give them some shinny blue lights too''

''Guaranteed to get their money that way''

This would be a great time for a company to step up the midi-controller game. If this program sounds good there can be a midi controller to finally offer big console functionality to the digital studio.

People could use this to control every aspect of this mixer.

The trick here is all or nothing. Either give me control of every aspect of this mixer or let me use my mouse thank you very much.

The moment I have to pick up the mouse to control the settings of this mixer is the very moment where your product is worthless.

Here is a project studio type setting.
Mixer with speakers on the front.
Computer monitors on the side as a virtual tape deck & effects rack You can use the mouse to control additional effects arm tracks to record ect ect.

You wont have to stare at the computer screen to make music you will be focused on how things sound not how they look in the screen.

And I understand that they wont be able to offer the best faders or knobs and to make this work and make it profitable they will most likely have to cut corners on the components and build quality. I am perfectly fine with that! In fact I would enchourage it. As long as everything is there in-front of me I don't ****** care. I would rather this be a tool every studio out there can afford.

The first company that will offer this is the company that will change the DAW studio forever.

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