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Old 2010-01-12, 01:37
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Recording with position markers; is this really impossible in Record?

Up to now, I was loving Record; but I'm disappointed and surprised it doesn't have a flexible punch in and out tool. Specifically, what if I want to record from bar 4 to bar 6. But I need to monitor/listen from bar 3. One would think you could set the L position marker on bar 4, the R position marker on bar 6, and the SPL on bar 3. Engage loop (or preferably a punch in/out button) and then press record. This is how I've done it in every single DAW I've worked with. But Record is not be able to do this (it will begin recording from bar 3). Yes, I know you can create dub tracks, but it would be nice to keep them all on the same track and comp everything at the end. Additionally, even if not overdubbing, it would be nice to have the record stopping at the R marker with no looping engaged. Am I missing something? Thanks!!

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