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Post Propellerheads @ Facebook?

Hi Propellerheads (because it's to them i mainly direct this post)

Browsing the Ableton website got me to add their group to my facebook. Delighted with how much tips and fun stuff there where there I searched for propellerheads to add this wonderfull comunity here to FB too. Or so did i thought.
Why haven't you at propellerheads started a group and updated it with lots of tastey tips , links to performance videos and of cource productinformation? To me it looks like you've overlooked a very practical and not too demanding marketing place - those who are members afterall want to have that information! Added bonus is that the users can comment on everything there (meh.. for those who didn't know?!) something i feel is missing in the regular e-mail buletins you send out!

The marketing department can atleast reflect over it


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