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The Moment It All Clicked For You

Was there a point in your music composition history that you can pinpoint as the moment when it all "clicked for you"? I'm talking about a time when it all came together - when you believe your music changed from "having potential" to being something that people would sit and listen to or dance and listen to or whatever. What was that moment for you - what was the catapult that launched you?

There are three stages to my "click".

(1) The first was when I finally realized that just because I like ABBA, U2 and ELO doesn't mean I have to slave away in trying to make music that sounds like their styles. When I realized that, it really freed me to make the music I was born to make. My "Me" music - the music God put in me. Don't get me wrong - the three artists I mentioned make music that I feel is much greater than mine, but Jiminy Cricket, it was impossible to stylize for me.

(2) After several years of almost complete absence from composition, my friend introduced me to Reason.The stuff, the synths, the sounds that Reason includes is incredible. And the ease of working Reason is just mind-boggling. For 20 years, I had built up an arsenal of synths, modules, effects processors, recorders, drum modules. Now all I use is Reason, one synth controller, an audio interface and microphone for the occasional vocal.

(3) Just this last week, I fully realized that despite the conventional wisdom, tunes don't have to be at least a certain length. If lengthening a piece from 2 minutes to 3 minutes adds nothing but time - if it in fact makes the tune less listenable, I'm no longer gonna do it. This is especially freeing for me, as my music is becoming more melody-centric.

Please tell me yours. You're not just telling us your story; in a way, you're imparting wisdom that might benefit others.

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