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Old 2010-01-15, 16:23
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Questions and suggestions about Reason 4.0

Hello, im Paul.

I am a long Portuguese user of the acclaimed Reason, since version 2.0.

Keyboardist and producer I have recently used the software Reason 4.0 to play alive.

The idea is to use software (Reason 4.0) and use it in order Multitimbral, with several splits on the keyboard range with several layers if i want, like a normal hardware workstation.

Most of the time I use the Combinator to do this kind of splits, it is then I have found several errors and bugs, and then still not know the answer to do the things the right way, for example:

Let's say I need a acustic piano on the left of the keyboard lower range to the C3, and a lead sound on the D3 to the top range .. because as I play on this left part of the keyboard below, I have to climb the octave, and with the sound of the lead will be the opposite, i need to loered the octave to work fine, like i want..

But i cant do this right, because if i pitched up the Piano for instance on the N-XT, this one go up affecting the sound , but editing (rise octave) using this mode, the piano sound will be incredibly damaged..


1- Original wave sample C3, I have to change all Roots notes to get my Octaves (up/down) to work like transpose funtion?

2 and 3- Here i can change the octave wave of each individual sample, in this case C3, but sometimes doing the program sounds too bad and do not have much to do with the sound of the program that i pick initially , it will ruined !


Finally, the Combinator has the Transpose function, is on the same page of the issue of keys range (lo / hi) ..

Why do not we have access by clicking ? we have on key range mapping ????!!

Example pic:

I apologize if you all did not realize what I want, and also for my bad English, but please if someone can help me, would be very grateful.

Thank you all, and greetings from Portugal !

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