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Old 2010-01-24, 16:25
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Lightbulb Oh how I would love to be able to manually audition MIDI notes

I would love to be able to disable the "Trigger Notes While Editing" option in the Preferences, but still be able to somehow audition notes. If this is possible, I'll eat my hat.

In comp/audio-editing mode, you can press U to activate the almost-hidden speaker tool (which I didn't know about until today, and I've been using Record since the beta). Why can't you activate the speaker tool when editing MIDI notes with the same hotkey? Then you could click whatever notes you wanted to audition. That would be oh so useful. The speaker tool could also feature drag-to-select functionality, and the notes you select would be auditioned. With processing, of course.

The way I'm suggesting this work is slightly different than how it works in audio-editing mode. In audio-editing mode, when you click-and-hold (whether you "drag" or not... of course, there is no drag), the audio is only auditioned for as long as you are holding the mouse button. This would probably get tedious with MIDI. And since, visually, it's easier to see, with MIDI notes, what exactly there is to play, dragging and selecting notes to audition makes more sense to me than clicking in one spot and waiting for the playhead to progress to the point you wanted to stop at. Of course there'd be a way to interrupt playback... don't see why Spacebar wouldn't work for that.

I sincerely hope Propellerheads is already thinking about this and that they plan to add this into an upcoming version of Record.

P.S. Vertical zoom with Command-scroll doesn't work in MIDI-editing mode like it does in every other mode. Pls fix.

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