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Old 2010-01-28, 23:20
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Reason RAM usage in Rewire mode. Disturbing Discovery!

I'm using Logic 9.1 on Snow Leopard (on a quad core machine with 9GB of ram). I'm still running Logic in 32bit mode because I use Propellerhead Reason in Rewire and it doesn't have 64bit support yet.

I've been going crazy by the constant "Low Memory Messages", and after reading some informative posts here I did some experimenting and found out something strange and frustrating: When I load samples and instruments to Reason (Abbey Road etc.) when it's in Rewire slave mode to Logic, it's using Logic's Ram quota and not Reason's.

I thought that in 32bit mode each program has a limit of about 3Gb, and that I was helping the system out by loading some big sampler instruments in Reason, but it turns out that it's just eating away at the Logic memory pie. I found this out with the Activity Monitor- when Reason is in stand alone mode, each instrument you load adds up to it's ram usage, but in rewire mode, the ram usage stays roughly at 90Mb and Logic gets taxed for each new instrument loaded in Reason.

I'm hoping that there is some way to configure Reason to use the Ram differently. Does anybody here have experience with this? Perhaps it's configurable elsewhere in OSX?

Any thoughts/insights/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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