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External editor, simplified

I'd like to see a contextual menu option that automates editing a track or clip in an external editor quickly an easily.

Let us add two or three preset external editors in the preference, then when we're editing a clip or track, right click on it, and have an option for "Edit Track (or Clip) in ...". Choosing one of our preset editors bounces the dry track to disc, opens in the external editor automatically. When we're done editing, the file is re-imported back into place in Record, with tempo / synching / bit depth managed automatically.

This would be a destructive edit, and would replace the track automatically with the edit, so it would be up to the user to decide ahead of time if they should duplicate the track before editing. A possible solution to making mistakes here would be a popup window that asks the user if they'd like to duplicate the track prior to editing.

Alternatively, a built-in audio editor with standard and advanced features would be nice (reverse, noise removal, pitch correction tool (possibly allowing people with Melodyne Editor to unlock this feature in the Record Editor in the same way POD Farm owners can unlock more features in the POD modules in Record, etc).

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but a physical modeling synth with breath controller support (something like the Wallander Instruments) in Reason 5 wouldn't make me unhappy either, though obviously not high on the priority list for sure.

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