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Making a drum track in reason 4

First off let me say my real long time instrument was always playing drums , played for eighteen years before I ended up with some health issue and had to stop back in 1999.
So now for two years I have been working with drum machines and drum software to create my drums tracks .

Now that I'm a REASON 4 user I need to figure out how I'm going to create some great drum tracks for my music .
I downloaded some drum refills and tried out one but heres the deal it seems to be all KICK and SNARE and a few other things no CYMBALS or CRASH CYMBALS plus theres no TOM TOMS to create FILL PATTERNS .

Did I miss something , is there anyone who is creating some good drum tracks in REASON 4 using whats available in REASON 4 or maybe you might suggest a good free REFILL or even a REFILL that I need to purchased for REASON 4 .

When I create my music I always create my drum track first , I'll sit down for five hours and create the whole drum track and then start adding in a chord progression and then a good bass track and after that I start layering in my other instrumental sounds to create what it is I want to create .
Everyone different but thats the way I start out with a great sounding drum track from start to finish .

I can't use my Addictive Drums for Reason and I can't import a drum track into Reason 4 so I need to figure out how to create my drum tracks using my MIDI KEYBOARD controller .
Thanks I'll check back later after I get back from WalMart , running out of food and cat litter and thats a bad thing when you run out of cat little ! I have five cats that hate jumping in a litter box full of POO YUCK !

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