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So here we are, on review # 2! And what a great track to review, really. Yaz's track has gathered a lot of positive attention in its own thread. Why wouldn't it? It is a very beautiful piece of art that belongs in a museum of musical art.

So Yaz, these two guys have something to say about your inspiring track!



Artist: Mizimo (Yaz)
Song title: "Voyager"
About song: Orchestral delight.
Genre: Electro orchestral
Vocal/Intrumental: Instrumental
Tools: Reason / Record

Review 1: The auteurist (Pete).
Review 2: jezob1.

Here's a quote from "Mizimo":

"You may have noticed I'm having a try at every genre that I can and mixing them about. This is a Classical and very slightly electro piece...Enjoy

This is a piece I've been working on for a looooooong while".

The Auteurist reviews Mizimo's 'Voyager'

Alright! To start with, I've posted my initial thoughts of Mizimo's 'Voyager' in the thread @
(Post #2)

Although shorter than the following review, it voices my sentiments towards the track clearly, and was based on one play, so indicates how the track appeals immediately upon first listen.
Anyhoos, on with the review...

Of course this track's original, it's by Yaz! It's really hard to categorize the music of Mizimo, Yaz really is a serious genre hopper. I guess that's why this particular track grabbed me so much, it was completely unexpected. The track could be compared to other released pieces (I can't help but think of Oldfield's Tubular Bells whenever I listen @ 1.38ish!), but has enough diversity of style to remain truly original.

I guess the essence of this track is it's emotion. It's a powerfully stirring track, although I don't actually know where Yaz is drawing on her own inspiration from. There's a hint of melancholy sadness in the BEAUTIFUL exotic instrument @ 0.55. The piano lines and lovely chord progressions throughout the intro fill me with hope. There are shades of trepidation before it all kicks @ 2.15, when your spine tingles uncontrollably. Mine did anyways.
There's a change at the 3.20 mark that's also very emotionally expressive.
Also, the spot fx that happens in the track at a couple of points,
the one that sounds like the inside of a cavernous piano, is awesome.
Sounds wicked. And that leads me on to...

Voyager is the pinnacle of Yaz's production skills thus far. I've given the track a burl in both headphones and monitors, and it's gratifying on both.
Lush, smooth, crisp, dynamic and yorkshire terrier are words that spring to mind when listening. There seems to be even levels of lows and highs in the mix, with nothing really competing with anything else. There's also a creative and effective use of the stereo field. I don't want to keep raving on about the ethnic instrument @ 0.55, but it has such 'textured' sound, a wonderful juxtaposition to the smoothness of the piano and strings. Yeah, and that boomy internal piano sound just plain works. Congrats on your producing/engineering of this one, Yaz.

Well, as stated above, the sounds and quality of this track are top notch.
While I would inevitably do things a wee bit differently, there is nothing that I can really fault. The sounds/instruments chosen are perfectly suited to expressing the raw emotion that Voyager voices. Fab.

It's hard to imagine anyone not at least appreciating this track, and easy to imagine a whole bunch of people loving it. Unless 'yer a heartless bastard without an emotional bone in yer body', you'll draw something powerful out of this track. Here's a song that would sit beautifully in all manner of film scores, is exceptionally emotive and well produced. My only criticism (after all, this is a review!) would be that the drop at the end, before the final 'kick in' seems a bit long, and then the grand finish seems too short. Maybe the track would please the listener more by kicking in sooner and then playing the big finish though one more time. It's just to shiveringly good when it kicks, I don't want to have to wait for it!

So there you go. A brilliant composition and production from one of my favourites here on the music forum. Cheers Yaz! Pete.
A new day is coming...

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