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Activation key

I just found out from watching a youtube video on RECORD that this product requires having a ACTIVATION KEY to acitivate it.
It also requires you having to pay extra for that ACTIVATION KEY too , so thats $150.00 for RECORD and then another $50.00 for that ACTIVATION KEY before you can even use it with REASON 4 .

A year ago I wanted to buy this other software product for Project 5 and it too used the same ACTIVATION KEY , when I looked into the license agreement and the cost for that key I QUICKLY PUT ON THE BRAKES !

I won't be buying it for myself because of that requirement of having to pay extra for a key that places limits of use on that product , for some of you its a choice and some people don't mine going through all of that to use a product where you paying alot of money for it before you even get to the part where you have to fork out another fifthy bucks on a activation key .
Now I clearly understand why they dropped the price from $300.00 down to $250.00 its because in reality its still going to end up costing you $300.00 .
Even as a registered user instead of $150.00 your looking at its now going to cost you $200.00 because you need that KEY to activate it before you can use it .
They fail to tell me that at SweetWater or here unless I missed it under the requirments and license agreements for this product .

I'm not saying its bad having to place those types of requirments on this product because its the companies choice but for me and me only this type of requirement isn't what I'm looking for when I buy my music software products .

Oh well its looks like a great product to have in your toolbox , I'll have to pass on it and just stick with my new REASON 4 rewired into Sonar Home Studio 7 XL .
I still plan on buying the PIANO REFILL from Propellerhead and the DRUM REFILL 2.0 from Propellerhead so their not losing out completely, those two products alone is a two hundred dollar purchase for me when I buy them .
I'll just have to use Sonar and Reason 4 together to get Audio tracks , soon enough I'll figure all of this out .

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