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Old 2010-02-18, 13:14
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Problems with M-Audio Axiom Pro & Snow Leopard


I recently bought an M-Audio Axiom Pro 61, and I' m having some problems. The hypercontrol function isn't working for me. When I install the Hypercontrol driver for Reason (I run Reason 4.0) everything is going fine. But it all start when Reason isn' t auto-detecting the Axiom Pro in the ' preference>Keyboards and control surfaces' screen. When I try to manually add the keyboard, I choose M-Audio>Other(Midi control keyboard), because there isn't even an Axiom in the list that appears after clicking M-Audio.
After that I select the Midi Input (Axiom Pro USB A In). I see nothing about Hypercontrol IN or Hypercontrol OUT options like all the tutorials say there are. Why is this???!

So now my keyboard, pitch bends, modulation are working fine, but the rest of the buttons are triggering wrong knobs and slides in Reason. And I want all sliders and knobs and other buttons being mapped automatically by Hypercontrol, but for now Hypercontrol isn' t doing anything.

I called the M-Audio support line, and they are telling me, after a lot of standard solutions that didn't work, that it has something to do with my Snow Leopard (10.6.2), and the problem is that Hypercontrol probably is not compatible with Snow Leopard 10.6.2. But I cannot find anything about this problem on the internet, and it seems very unlikely to me. Does any of you knows whats wrong? Is it Reason, Hypercontrol, the keyboard, or my OS?!


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