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Song review # 4

DDSTUART (David) completed his review at lightning speed, and what a great review that is!This review has left a smile on my face and a warm feeling that I can't describe.

So guys, Mark, have a blast!...enjoy every syllable and savor every moment, 'cause reviews like this don't come that often!

I'm Proud to present:


Artist: Soft Enerji (Mark)
Song title: Travelling At Night
About song: Get in your car, start the engine, turn on your
Genre: ambient electronic
Vocal/Intrumental: Instrumental
Tools: The tracks have for the most part been created in Propelerheads Reason and Record software

Reviewer # 1:
ddstuart (David)
Reviewer # 2: Derrick Vaughns


Review - Traveling at night

Traveling At Night - something I like to do - and now I have something new to listen to while we do. This is a beautiful, mild, smooth piece that moves us right along. It isn't revolutionary in terms of genre. I'm reminded of Patrick O'Hearn, Christopher Franks, others. Chord progressions and meter are classic. There are no lyrics, but the piece speaks to me - excellent use of tones, instruments, and interleaving various voices and instruments over a ghostly backdrop introduced from the outset that then supports everything else without ever dominating or interfering with anything. While this may not expand the genre, it is as much a member of the ambient electronic family as any other piece I've heard - no outlyer here.

I listened to this track at least a dozen times - maybe more - while writing this review. Once I started forming these words, I was perturbed that the piece had ended too soon - it keeps me writing - inspires my thoughts about how to describe this beautiful work. Hold on - another ending - have to go back and replay - ... - ah - nice - now where was I? I think I could be very productive with Traveling At Night moving my mind! For those of you who tune in to ambient electronic when you need to focus and compose, write, invent, craft, or create - this is perfect. If you want to stare your partner in the eye, dance closely, smell one another's scent and move in unison - this is perfect. If you want to drive a truck around in circles and tear up the landscape - pick something else.

~Production Technique~
Awesome production quality. Evenly mixed - smooth all around. This is the embodiment of warm, crisp, and clean. All tones, all instruments ascend, smoothly descend, and return with a bit of an intro here and there. The high hat is used masterfully to introduce various measures and then fall back to a supporting role. The bass in the background, with the higher pitched chirp and clap work extremely well with the synth in the background carrying me from chord to chord. Ah - blast - there's that nasty conclusion again - have to replay - hold on - ahhhh - there - wow - nice. Where was I? Nice rests - with new voices being introduced and repeating the basic theme - a fugue in classic barogue fashion - very nice foundation, excellent manner of introducing alternative approaches to the theme.

~Sounds/Samples/Instruments quality~
Everything is aligned - tempo of all instruments are excellent. All notes where they should be - within the scale, in tune. They match the style of the music just fine. Each voice is either unique - or atop some other unique bed. The piano arrives - and the quiet, unobtrusive percussive combination of hi-hat, clap, bass drum keep us traveling along, with many more instruments boarding and disembarking along the way. Where ever I am at any point in this song, I know something else is coming. "Are we there yet?" "No, kids, and I don't want to arrive - the traveling is so nice!" This is fine music that will saunter its way into your consciousness, lull you into a place of peace and only disturb you by ending. Enjoy the song - enjoy the ride!

~Overall Appeal~
I like the genre, and I like this song quite well. It grabs me, moves me along, and will not grow old even as I do. There is nothing in the world that is better than a well produced piece. Specific bars, instruments, voices, transitions can be great, or a disaster. In this piece, they are all handled extremely well. If I were going to suggest an improvement.....well, then it wouldn't be a song by Soft Enerji - it would be something else. I like it just the way it is, and look forward to more. It's utility is all over the map - partly due to the genre, but mostly due to the outstanding production quality of the piece. Yes - film. No TV, no documentary - any voice over would destroy the enjoyment. This is a piece to listen to and be able to listen to. I can see a 4 minute segment of a spy movie where operatives are quietly working to discover some deep secret while this is playing.
Really, really well done!

A new day is coming...

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