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Lightbulb Reason and Record wish list (Updated 3-5-2010)

After playing with these nice pieces of software, I have some ideas that can possible be good to implement in future editions of Reason + Record (And a little for ReCycle). I will note universal features between the two as well as separate features for the respected programs. I will also attack some questions from the forum. (I will also update this page when I get a new idea I will post the updated date in the title when I do). By the way, this is a long post. Enjoy!

Native 64Bit addressing
This is a something I don’t believe anyone can ignore anymore, and a feature that everyone wants and agrees on. With Windows 7 being the last 32 OS (For Microsoft at least), it is time to start looking into 64bits. Not only will you get a small performance bump, you can utilize the processor better, provide a more stable system, access more than 4GB of RAM, and access more than 2TB of Drive space. 64bit will greatly benefit these programs and will future proof compatibility with newer, faster hardware. *NOTE. You cannot run a 64bit ReWire to a 64Bit DAW and expect a 32Bit Reason and Record to work with it. Think about it people Look at other software. Tell me why Logic’s 32Bit plug-ins not works with the 64Bit version of Logic? Sit there for a minute and think about it!* which brings me to the next point.

64Bit ReWire (ReWire 3.0)
This pretty much goes hand and hand with making the programs 64Bit, with 64Bit ReWire will connect to the Host program that is 64Bit. One addition I would like to see worked on; Say that I have Pro Tools and Record + Reason in ReWire, and I want to lay down a quick MIDI part, but want to use Record to tell Pro Tools when to start precount, instead of setting a precount in Pro Tools. That way I can hear the lovely count in Record than Pro Tools. . *NOTE REMINDER. You cannot run a 64bit ReWire to a 64Bit DAW and expect a 32Bit Reason and Record to work with it. 64Bit addressing is a huge difference from 32bit address, and passes a lot more math at once (switch to a 64Bit OS and notice the install files are slightly larger). IT WILL NOT WORK WITH JUST REWIRE! Please, no more post about 64Bit ReWire. Thank you!* Also, compatibility for the surround session, which I think ReWire can already do by itself (more of that below).
There is also one more feature I would like to add to ReWire. I would call this “ReWire Link”. The concept behind this idea is ReWire won’t just work with just two or more programs, but two or more programs over at least two workstations. For example, a Producer has this hot track that he just laid down at home, and wants to take it into the studio for more editing and to hear it on a better system. Instead of constantly bouncing, or making tedious hardware/software configurations, the producer can just hook up his Laptop with Reason on it, thru some kind of network connection like Ethernet or FireWire, to the engineers rig. That way, the files can still stay on the Producers rig until time to bounce to a DAW, keep resources balances over multiple workstations, and reduce downtime. No configuring or anything because this will basically still be the same protocol as ReWire. I would also like to see if when using ReWire with a program, the “slave” can still use a separate audio interface from the Host, for reasons I will mention below.

Active Cores
I like the ability for the user to tell the program how many cores you want to use. So say if you want Record to only use 2 cores (or threads) on your quad core processor. Select it in the preference menu and Record will only use two cores. This is an effective feature that will be an addition to how much CPU power to use. It will help balance your system a little more especially if you have a slightly weaker system.

ReMote 2.0
Remote is a very powerful tool for Propellerheads. One thing that I would is support for locking MIDI control surfaces with performance controls. Example; I have a mixing surface, a master keyboard, and a MPC style controller. The mixing surface can lock like it does now. The master keyboard can switch between difference devices. But I want to not only be able to lock the MPC controller, but be able to play and record MIDI data to and from the sequencer via ReDrum. I want my MPC controller to lock to the ReDrum module, and be able to record MIDI with just that ReDrum. A step even further if I can tell Reason and Record to use my MPC controller “Only on ReDrum Devices” in the controller preference, so If I have more than one ReDrum machine, then I can use some buttons on my MPC controller to only switch between ReDrum machines in my session, while my master keyboard can still switch between any instrument.

ReDrum 2.0 (Reason)
I would like to see a rework on the ReDrum module. For starters, I would like to see the channels expanded from 10 to 16 channels. Most controllers and synths drum pads are usually in multiples of 4, 8, or 16. Like my Kontrol49, I have 16 Velocity pads to use, but ReDrum will only use 10 of them, leaving six pads out. This will be able to have better patches, and more sounds out of a single ReDrum unit, using 16 samples instead of 10. I would also like to see a native “roll (without using the Matrix)” and “flam (without clicking it on the unit with a mouse)” feature on the ReDrum that is also compatible with our controllers. Let us be able to set the amount with a knob on the ReDrum unit, and press a pad on our controller to use the feature.

Combinator 2.0
This is most likely a big request by the users, a new, highly configurable Combinator would be a welcome addition to the Propellerheads world. A concept that I can come up with is having about eight outputs, eight inputs, eight encoders and buttons, a built in master fader, and an improved LED meter. This will unlock a world of possibilities with workflow, and will release some of the limits that the Combi has.

Surround Panner (Record)
I was against surround in music for a long time, which is strange, considering how much of a tech head and a sound freak I am. But I believe doing music and sound for short films and commercials, it actually is starting to matter a little bit. Since this might be a feature that might not be for everyone, this might be able to be an add-on for a small fee which can use the Propellerheads Authorization key for authorization (put that USB device in some good use). This will integrate with the nice Mixer, by the user telling Record that this is now a surround channel. It will include up to 7.1 channels of audio, with compatibility for surround panners. It will include a field for the 5 or 7 channels (Left, Center, Right, Left Side Surround, Right Side Surround, Left Rear Surround, and Right Rear Surround), with a LFE Level amount to control the low frequencies. It will output through six or eight channels of the audio interface or ReWire. ReWire will come up as six or eight channels in the DAW, as a channel or bus.

Sampler Mode (ReCycle 3.0)
Technically, ReCycle is already a sampler of sorts. What I mean by it is this, add live inputs to ReCycle (about four from an interface or through ReWire), and let me modulate and manipulate samples that I record from a record, a CD, tape, etc. and be able to do it in real time Chop up, edit, pitch modulation, and set the tempo, the works. Then let me map it to a certain key to control it on my controller for an example, go to It would also be nice if this can integrate into the Reason + Record environment directly with the purchase of ReCycle. That way, you won’t have to close out of your Record Session while attempting this process. Then, it will still be exported as a REX file with a press of a button on the ReCycle device itself. Maybe this can be achieved by a upgraded version in Dr.Rex, a new advance sampler, or make a new device rack and put ReCycle in the workflow entirely.

No Pro Tools or Logic-like function in Reason
This is an ongoing argument. I want to set the record straight here. Korg Triton, Roland Fantom, Yamaha MOTIF. These are all hardware synths/samplers. They don’t add a lot as far as mixing and post tools such as reverbs, video, etc. These are strictly music making machines. The difference between those and Reason is that Reason is a softsynth (Software synthesizer). I would not want extra features in Reason that don’t belong. You might be able to make a more valid argument in putting a convolution reverb in Record, but even still, Record was made to put down Idea and then take it to a bigger studio. That is what I respect about Propellerheads. Their product integrates with the industry standards like Pro Tools and Logic. Want a better reverb? Hey Pro Tools. Need to write a composition? Hello Sibelius and Finale. Keep Reason as a Softsynth. Period!

Customizable skins
This is one of those options in Reason and Record that would just change the color of the program’s skin. Maybe I want a dark blue, or maybe green. Or the Default skin that Reason has. This is something that would add to personalize the software more. Also, it would be nice to change the Rack color as well.

Propellerheads Ultimate (Reason + Record + ReCycle)
This will be the ultimate bundle for the producer/engineer that wants all the big software at a discounted price. There would be two versions; one that would bundle the three IPs, the second would add the studio combo to Reason.

Tap Tempo
One Tool that I think that will be useful is integrating a Tap Tempo function. This will be useful for when we have a tempo in our heads and what to program it by hitting a control or click the mouse on a button to get a tempo speed.

Agree? Have more ideas? Want to add to what I already have? Post it below.

NOTE: Further updates will be posted on later post, as I have ran out of words on the original post.

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