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Record - wow


I was using sometimes record when i go to my mate's place but was using it more as a super reason as i didnt used the record fonction, i so liked the ssl emulation that i bought a copy and finally received it this morning, i tested it for recording 30 minutes ago and all i can say is wow.
Why wow ?
Cause it's the only application i tried and i tried them all pro tools, cubase, logic, sonar etc etc that keeps its promise when it says open the software and just record, its so easy and within 1 minute i could obtain a big sound from my vocals tweaking the eq and compressor off the channels of the ssll mixer. I'm surprised cause with only just a bit of tweak i could obtain a as big sound as cubase or pro tools but the contrary in those is i have to call a plugin like wave for example and spend more time.
So all i can say is wow and when we ll have the groupin fonction and a few others that people ask here, record will be the best daw with no hesitation

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