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Old 2010-02-26, 19:26
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Thumbs up Propellerhead, I got a brilliant idea for you!!


Propellerhead ReActor (just so you get my point)

A modular synthesizer for creating effects and synthesizers/samplers for Reason. Similar to Reaktor except that the ensemble is mapped to a more limited combinator rack module. This rack module will be more customizable than the current combinator and you need the additional ReActor software to build your own and edit the ensembles i.e. its more like an Ensemble player (most people just use NI Reaktor this way).

This rack module would have different customizable parameter slots similar to the slot concept on Thor.
So the layout of a multi tap delay ensemble would different type of parameter slots than a synthesizer.

This new type of combi would also have main section similar to the current combi for easy control of the most important parameters. Also a collaboration with Jazz Mutants or a similar modular midi interface would be too awesome.

Marketing wise it would work the same as Recycle i.e. if you want to make your own Rex files you need to get the additional software.

Reason would then come with the Reactor player filled with different effects and synthesizers patches/ensembles as part of the Factory Soundbank.

Why is this a brilliant idea?

- it would replace the demand for plugins, as the deeper, more complex modular system (think Reaktor, Clavia Modular G3, Max MSP) would be able to simulate different synths, effects and midi effects.

- code wise it would be 100% part of Reason.

- would extend the lineup of plugins, and people could view it as a Reason Advanced - would widen Props marked share.

- Props knows how to make good optimized code. This would be beautiful in a modular system and knock the socks off the competition.

- Props would give it a modern intuitive interface and great workflow. Can you say that about Max and Reaktor?

- A natural transition to the "next level" of audio software.

- Would give Refill developers a whole new dimension to work with!! ReActor Refills

- No more "I want this effect" , "I want this physical modeling and grain table synths" in the feature request section, cause the simple answer would be - well why dont you get ReActor and build it yourself?

- More accurate simulations and emulations of hardware gear (or popular software plugins for that matter) without stepping any corporate toes.

- it would kick serious ass!

This idea solves so many problems with Reason I might just write them an email just make sure they read it.

Of course it would be a crapload of work for the 2 programmers working at Props, but even if its released in 5 years from now id still be happy.

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