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Red face Ableton has come to face the truth

Don't read unless ableton's stability is of interest to you, I know this is reason's forum but I feel that we should all know at least the stability of the programs out there.

I don't post alot in forum unless I've got something to say. You might see me give a few post in a day and then nothing for a while. Well the issuing of ABLETON LIVE's admittance to their quality issues went under my radar until last night when I was hanging out reading. Now some might call me an ass for not being happy that the boys (AFTER WHAT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER) Finally admited that they have major issues with ableton 8. Prior to this they, at least in my view, attmepted to cover this up by suddenly putting up pages with artists who swear by ableton 8 and all the awards ableton has won.....(seem pretty shady) I wish I were a programer to understand these issues more. Are they just straight up slackers or is there program harder to put together than thing like reason and pro tools. I know that ableton attempts to do so much by allowing vst, au, and all sorts of other stuff that makes it unstable. I am sure that reason 4 maybe crashed on me at some point but I don't remember. I have not used record enough to say the same but so far so good. I just want folks to have all the info that I did not have. It was my fault for not researching ableton 8 before getting into her, but my past experience with other DAW's I did not think anything that unstable would ever be sold for money.

I'll leave ya with the quote that I left in the ableton forum.

Live 8 is like that girl who cheats on ya, yells at ya, but at the end of the night ya always find yourself in her bed not matter what for the ride of your life. We just need to make an honest woman out of live and we'll all be happy.

Reason is that good girl ya meet at church who is a rock solid, and when ya get her home she blows your mind with what that girl can really do!?!

and yes you can tell that I broke up with my girl and am climbing the walls

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