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Thumbs up Song review # 6

I feel kind of weird posting my own review here, but here we go.

Enjoy guys! I'm sure I have!


Artist: Ecopro (Ed)
Song title: We Made Contact
About song: This is an original track that I've created, heavily influenced by my love to "Science Fiction" films.
Genre: Electronic/Ambient/Sci-fi-tronic
Vocal/Intrumental: Contains some vocal samples
Tools: Reason and Record!

ddstuart's (David) Review.

Last night the sky was clear. It had rained - the wind was incredibly stiff - it cleared the atmosphere. I stood on my deck next to my gardenias and looked straight up into the midnight sky. Even at sea level, I could see millions - billions of stars - and I knew many of them weren't stars at all - but other galaxies. There was the moon - the Kamona that separates us from its dark side in any case. Separating the mix was the blackness of space. "That's where I want to go", I thought to myself. "That's where I want to go - how do I get there - how do I get there without a ship?" I went indoors, fired up my studio, logged on, and there awaiting my arrival was Ecopro's "We Made Contact". "Hmmm - another prayer answered", I thought. At first - I wasn't sure where his ship would take me - but I was welcomed aboard his craft with a native cry 16 seconds into liftoff - and the vocoded spirit of its pilot told me to strap in for a very cool trip. I did - and it was.
Music can be a magic carpet - Ecopro has created a lucullan weave of voice, synth, percussion and samples onto his mixing loom and then quilted the effects into a very spacey masterpiece. I'm on my way with this one - riding through nothing and everything at the same time - my attention drawn to the majesty of every instrument in Ecopro's universe - everything that surrounds me. What is this genre? Swing - no. Jazz - no. Ambient - not really - maybe - sort of. Hip/Trip Hop - don't think so - what do I know - but what the hey - who cares? It's a really great piece of work! Since I can't classify it - doesn't that make it unique? It IS original - it is the piece that has answered my prayer - I'm on my way without a ship! Ed is controlling my vertical - my horizontal - these are the Outer Limits! This is the Twightlight Zone!

Ecopro went for science fiction - but there's nothing fictional about this. This moves me in substantial ways. It harkens me back to Walter Cronkite at 3am on a weekday morning watching Apollo launches on black and white TV - while hoping I can stay awake for class and girls in the 9th grade. I'm in 1969 with this piece - astonished - gob smacked - first steps on the moon. I'm in a theater in Los Angeles watching 2001 - praying, hoping, lusting for space exploration - hoping I'm one of the lucky ones - to go - to explore - at whatever cost. Ed has captured the essence of science fiction: the origins of science fact! I'm not only interested in the whole track (common problem - stops too soon!) but really enjoy all of his transitions. I really like the vocoder up front and have stopped midway a couple of times just to catch that voice again. I would ask Ed, - please - more vocoded Martian-ease peppered here and there in this track - it's very, very cool!
There's a sample in the middle - starts at about 3:25. Says I might experience some kind of severe trauma - Ed - dude! - still waiting for that severe trauma and yet nothing but pleasure so far! What's with that?

~Production Technique~
Ed has gotten as close as anyone to a professional mix with this. There are no disturbing transients in this piece. He's got voices and textures coming and going everywhere throughout this piece and manages to keep it all together - evenly balanced - really great placement in the field - really great job at maintaining an overall volume even though highs, lows, and mids alternately step up as lead. The other bands fall back into supporting roles - just as they should - and the piece as a whole remains even. As a listener I'm presented a potpourri of sounds - stepping up one at a time while the others never far from reach. It really is like speeding through space dodging in and out of a huge variety of textures, voices, and color. Really well done! Really well done! (yes - and still - twice is not enough).

~Sounds/Samples/Instruments quality~
Okay - so what does he NOT have here? Maybe a flugelhorn or lyre - but I can't be sure. Imagine taking your well stocked spice cabinet and sprinkling a bit of everything into a mortar. That's what this is - but rather than introducing the pestal and smashing everything into a noisy powder, Ecopro brings the individual pieces up front, says "Here it is!" and then allows it to retreat to the bed - tucks it in securely - and brings something else forward. It's so well produced that I'm satieted and starving for more at the same time. Really well done! (hmmm - de ja vue?)

~Overall Appeal~
I have absolutely no idea what genre this is - and I don't care. This is an awesome piece of musical art and it belongs on my iPod. When I pass - I want everyone to know the whole story - including my yearning for space - I wanted to go - to be there - a race through space - if this is as close as I was able to get - it was close enough. Thank you, Ecopro! Thank you, Ed!
A new day is coming...

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