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Old 2010-03-03, 17:00
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SONG REVIEW # 7 - "Genetic Mind" by Keelox

Alright guys, the reviews keep on coming and we're up to our 7th one.Keelox, I hope this helps you overcome the "block" and inspires you keep going.Enjoy,



Artist: Keelox
Song title: Genetic Mind
About song: I have been without inspiration for a while now. I don't know why, it seems im in the longest "writers block" i ever had. But i do know i want my track reviewed, maybe it will motivate me to pick stuff up again.. I would really appreciate a proper review
Genre: PsyTrance, Psychedelic, Ambient, New Age
Vocal/Intrumental: Instrumental
Tools: Reason and Record software

Reviewer # 1:
ecopro (Ed)
Reviewer # 2: selfdude

Selfdude's Review on "Genetic Mind"

In high school I had the, well I guess you could call it, opportunity to play trumpet in a pop chorale ensemble; a classically trained trumpet player with an affinity for jazz reduced to playing Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey. Needless to say I felt out of place, this was not my genre. So when Keelox's "Genetic Mind" came in to my life I admit I felt a little déjà vu.
"Where do I begin?" I asked myself.
For starters, what is this psytrance thing anyway? A quick trip to the interweb revealed a strange multi cultural journey of music that seems as much a state of mind as a genre. Goa, India, Pink Floyd, Infected Mushroom? I listened to some of examples of this, to me, heretofore-unknown musical movement. Honestly, I didn't like it much, they all had the problem I have with almost all electronic music: the songs have no cohesion, no personality, and no soul. So many times it's just twenty-five different synths diddling away in their own little world, expressionless, quantized, painfully repetitive.

So with all this baggage, I started to listen to "Genetic Mind."
In the first four seconds I hear what sounds like a guitar, great start. Good atmospheric sounds and incidental notes, I'm interested. Then, as must be required by some sort of electronic music community by laws, the reverse cymbal crashes start. My heart sinks slightly as we seem to be settling in to something similar to the other offerings from the psytrance genre. Is what started with interest going to progress into 3 minutes of monotony? We move along, and I settle in, trying so hard not to reach a conclusion until the song is over. Glad I didn't because things were going to change.

1:04, what is this? A new chord progression? And a beautifully instrumented one at that. The instruments are actually responding to each other. There is actually expression, there are actually uplifting emotions being created! There are all kinds of unexpected notes in the bass line. Melodic accompaniment. Complex harmonies.
The next few minutes continue to build layers of synths and again the parts actually express something, nothing is just there, very little to no diddling present. The mix is clean and bright. Loud and wide. I would have been content at this point not feeling like this was yet another anonymous trance song. Suddenly, at 3:15, as is perhaps unprecedented in the world of trance, a thematic change happens. Different instruments, a more free groove, less intense drum and bass.
Then it all just fades out. For the first time in my life, I actually thought a trance song ended too soon. Shocking, I know. This is no seven-and-a-half-minute-theres-no-way-I-could-ever-listen-to-this-with-any-level-of-sobreity-and-by-the-way-why-on-earth-did-I-agree-to-come-to-this-club kind of jam it's an actual, real life song. And like any good song, it leaves you wanting to hear more.

sarcastically yours,
A new day is coming...

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