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More refills please

Hello everyone,

I just create that thread to know if like me some people feel there are not enough refills avalaible in the market. Let me explain as i can smell already some people comin to me and saying that there are already too much refills and if i cant make music with them it means i will never can. Well i have lots of refills and made already hundreds of songs since 7 years im producing this is not the problem.
My issue is id like to see more refills created and distributed by quality teams or companies in a certain category. There are lots of electro refills and i feel like its mainly what companies create nowadays.
I d liek to see more generalist refills created and particularly refills whihc would contain same kind of sounds as hardware keyboards and organised the same, in one word generalist expander, stompler or rack refills containing banks of leads, synth bass, accoustic bass, guitars,pads, fx, etc matching every kind of music like the hypersonic 2 or sonik synth 2 or sampletank 2 is to vsts, but something equivalent for refills.

Some people will say that with sonic reality gold or others i can have that, well id liek to have not to browse everytime through the refills. It would be nice to have some refills of 10 gb or more where you can find pretty much everything when you open it and not electro centered only refills.

Would be nice also if one day those big synths companies emulate their hardware or virtual plug ins to fit reason refill format, cause at present the few yamaha refills or korg emulations are not legit of course and sound pretty shit. i would not mind spending bucks on it but i feel there are really not enough generalist massive refills nowadays, and the few one existing are dated already and when new editions are out you discover that its already existing refills that are repacked in bundles.

Tell me if you agree. Im sure the hip hop or rnb heads like me would, electro producers will be pretty happy with what they have already and i can understand them as the refill market for electro is very vaste, rich and i would almost say saturated.
I d lik to see some kinda workstation type of refills

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