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suggesion number 2

ok also i would love to be able to remap my laptop keyboard so i could just punch what ever key i want to record.
i know there are already hot keys but
it would be awesome to go to
preferences and then clikc on"remap hotkeys"
then you get to see a topographical map of a laptop keyboard. you just take your mouse and click on the key and assign the function you want. OR you have a list of funtions and then you just click to the right and modify the key combination that makes that function activate while recording.

2. also here is a biggie. i love the ctrl P function in cubase. its awesome. this means that if you click on a bar of audio that you just recorded or another bar on the screen you can click on crtl+ P and then the left and right flags automatically loop the audio. i love this function. it makes everything easy.

3. also another biggie i have always wanted. when you are browsing for sounds you can save them in your favorites. well what happens if your computer crashes and then you have to reinstall reason again. you just lost all of your favorites and now you have to find a way to find them again and who knows how many billion hours you will have to waste to get them again. SOOOOOOO. why not make an export function that saves all of your sounds or at least the paths of where they are. that way you can create a txt file and export your favorites and then import them at another time if your computer crashes.
use this. its good stuff.

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