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Old 2010-03-11, 11:11
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Record: multi drag'n'drop from OS file system

Yes, it's yet another request for drag'n'drop...

Multi audio import is getting pretty important, the more I try to work with Record as expected by an audio-track oriented app.

(I know that the app's name is RECORD and not IMPORT)

As one would guess, it's also getting pretty tiresome to go through the hoops of File, Import, select that file, New Audio track, File, Import, select another of the 50 audio clip files to import, loop until job is done, then save, go to sleep and start working on the imported files, tomorrow

Trying to take advantage of the multi-sample import of NN-XT may save some time in certain situations, but not all, unfortunately.

Multi audio import would be neat and very helpful to speed up "things".

On top of this, (multi) drag'n'drop from the OS file system would be even better, either for audio/MIDI files/clips or device patches.

Dropping a file on an empty rack/sequencer/mixer area would create the needed device/track/strip with that file/patch loaded.

Dropping a file on an existing device/track/mixer strip would simply load that file/patch when appropriate to do so (i.e. the file being compatible with the target device).

A "Are you sure you want to replace '<loaded patch/file>' with '<dropped patch/file>' ?" pop-up question would be nice (as much as I hate pop-up messages, btw), not forgetting to include a "Don't ask this again." option for those that "know what they are doing".

Maybe for audio tracks, a different question would make more sense: "What would you like to do with '<file name being dropped>' ?" with these buttons and an option: [Append] [Replace] [Cancel]

To avoid this pop-up question, there might be an option to always append when the file is dropped on an empty section of the track and replace the clip when dropped on an existing clip.

This behavior would also make sense when dealing with MIDI files.

Any (preferably all) of these suggestions would save as much time and steps for Import as the new excellent Record option for bouncing to disk does to Export.

I'll leave for another thread/feature suggestion/request the missing Pitch shifting issues and the clip-based time-shifting I'm sure a lot of users are also missing in Record 1.0
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