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Special Review # 1 - Pacific by SoftEnerji and Kibeja

DDstuart's (David) special review on:

Pacific by SoftEnerji and Kibeja, and the SoftEnerji album: Suspicion of Life

Play while reading


Modern sailors on an ancient ship are making their way. The Captain
knows how to keep order; knows how to call the adrenalin to arms and move the lumbering beast through this viscous plain. Massive Mackies on the fore and aft masts wired to the bridge where the quartermaster pipes general quarters; this is music to the men and women on a journey. Music the crew likes most as they prepare to latch on to nature’s tail. “Let go the halyard, sheets and braces. Slacken braces and sheets! Haul halyard! Sheet home the sail. Make all!” the Captains sing in their acoustic, hallowed native tongues. Their musical voices bind souls as the vessel is wrestled into order and the oceanic boulevard is made. Stress vanishes as the crew integrates with the flow of the world. SoftEnerji and Kibeja command the crew to make sail
– we will be underway on this sunny day at sea – in the Pacific!

Two thirds covered by water – teeming with life - vast expanses of
motion heaving, surging, shielding the wonder that wends below – our Suspicion of Life occasionally confirmed as they surface and leap and comingle with a simpler “us”. A percussive keyboard invites the ocean’s life to appear as the ambient bed harkens the wind to billowing sails.

There is so little earth on Earth. We are dust and to dust we shall
return – but not here – not now. Moisturized by our surroundings, we
live to sail the Pacific.

For days, weeks, months we travel in our humble craft escorted by all manner of being. Dolphin, whales, sharks, and flying fish greet us off the leeward side. We covet this trespassing and thirst for a part of this something so distant from us and yet so enveloping. We are consumed with bitterness that we are not so well connected to life below this malleable plane. The edge through which we dare not pass is mysterious – forbidding – seductive – and carrying us forward through time. Pacific plays on – and we are moved to intrude. Pacific uncloaks the world – gently and slowly lifts a looking glass to our eyes and then leads us to this place.

We are awed by the sea and its wonders. Is joining and becoming one just a simple death visiting itself upon us? Not through this music – not through this beautiful proxy for that seductive, foreboding place we have named the Pacific. Only now can we begin to grasp all that it is. That is – an inexplicable beauty.

Still, we yearn for a union. We want to be a part of this Pacific. It
calls to us. Machines and contraptions are assurances we will survive to tell the story. They get us closer – but wanting more. Devices are symmetrical, hardened, cold, cages that gift our senses but keep our emotions at bay. Music is curved, smooth, and transitions us gently into that other place and our emotions are allowed to bind with “there”. The Pacific – it calls to us – we think, we believe, we’re convinced – it’s home.
A cry from the nest and our aim is elevated as we gaze onto the horizon. A shadow outlined in the sky - a darkened suggestion of safe harbor ahead as we slowly, purposefully reach. Our arms outstretched - our eyes affixed - forward. Australia - A Tribal Planet. From which we will again embark as our lust draws us back to the open seas.


This piece by SoftEnerji and Kibeja is a beautiful transom that allowsus to exist in a world we are only able to witness and yearn to join completely. This new age, ambience masterpiece by two extremely talented artists is best measured by the images it allows us to create in our minds. Dreams and fantasies are wonderful places for us. We don’t have to transport our bodies – just our minds. Our dreams become more than photorealistic – they become experiences that influence us, change our views, provide respite and relief and allow us to collect ourselves before rejoining the average. We can just as fully absorb new places – we only have to imagine going there and with a little help from music like Pacific – we succeed.

When two highly talented artists like Mark and Chris craft art that carries us into those places – or at least chauffeurs us to the door and politely casts the seam asunder, they’ve provided the means fortaking us to places we are unlikely to visit any other way. We can
breathe in the vacuum of space, fly with flocks, swim with schools and get connected in transcendental ways. Music has that power – and skillfully composed, scored and engineered music makes this easy and natural. That is what this piece represents to me. It’s a portal that, once opened, allows me to absent myself from the cacophony of the daily grind. Quiet settles upon honking horns, angry persons and devastating misfortunes visited upon innocents. It’s more than easy listening and ambience – it’s a path that, once taken, and trusted, lifts the veil off of human imagination and let’s human life become the intellectual potpourri it was meant to be.

Where production technique, sounds/samples/instruments and quality are concerned, it’s worth noting that, beyond some point, these are assumed. There is nothing to say about how well a piece is mixed, or whether the voices chosen for the synths were wise or naïve. We’re beyond that. We’re beyond noticing any flaw in the mechanics of production. We’re beyond the details. Those are long gone. Soft Enerji and Kibeja are fluent in this art and they haven’t forgotten a thing.
The focus is on the voyage in this music and not whether the piano,
the percussion, bass or woodwinds are appropriate. It’s not even a
matter of settling for what they have produced – because those details are so far away from being scrutinized that it’s pointless to address them. At this level of maturity, the only discussion to be had, really, is whether the music moves our minds – and if so – in what direction.

~Overall Appeal~

"Semper idem sentire ac non sentire ad idem revertunt“ – but not when we are listening to high caliber music produced by these artists individually, or this collaborative piece in particular. I’ve listened to every song on Soft Enerji’s site dozens of times. I’ve listened to Harvest Song every weekend since downloading it. Kant was wrong – always the same is not the same as nothing. Musical miracles over and again are simply new divots in a timeline that offer portals into new places and each listening is a new trip.

A new day is coming...

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