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Redrum kit refill- no sound

Hey everyone , can someone steer me in the right differection using this new software I just purchased for my Reason 4 the REASON DRUM KITS 2.0 ?

I'm trying out some of those MIDI files that I imported onto a MIDI track in REASON 4 , its there and working when I click play but theres no sound at all .
I tried loading up a style template and still nothing seems to works , how do I make those MIFI files work where I can build my own patterns for a song .
I am suppose to be able to build from scatch drum patterns and fills using some of those premade MIDI files .

Does anyone know how this works , the book tells you how but not in simple form . They need me to rewrite it for them so its understandable for an old guy like me , hey I'm not a hundred years old but working on it .
As soon as I hit 60 then I guess I better start packing and counting down unless someone here knows how to reverse the aging process .

Just kidding I sure could use some tips on how to do this so I get some sound out of them , mean while I'll keep trying and reading this little booklet that was included with my software .

Check back later on thanks ! GhostriderXL

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